The Singer

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The Singer                             


The singer was a young man

Who sand so sweet and true

A voice so true in virtue

To touch both me and you

And every time he sang a song

With a voice like crystal clear

The tears would well up in your eyes

His spirit shining near


While every song was different

The message always strong

A story certain to be told

As the writer penned his song

A voice unique in every way

So big, so sweet, so true

A new voice sings in heaven now

Not just for me and you




The singer sings in heaven now

With friends we all once knew

For Derek sings no more on earth

For the likes of me and you

The singer sings in heaven now

With the angels, chorus new

Where "Grace" will now be sung aloud

For God to listen too


The moral of this story is

That we miss this friend we knew

Whose voice was rich, never missed a pitch

Whom we lost on the great big blue

While records stay playing every day

To remind us of what we knew


That the singer lives pulling new heartstrings

God Bless you Derek, do

Still the voice still lives pulling our heartstrings

God Bless you Derek, do


Repeat Chorus


Maurice Lennon

21st April 2004


Written While Maurice was in the hospital after hearing of the death of a very special friend Derek. Derek passed away on a cruise ship while singing the music he so loved.  Maurice also wrote a lovely melody that accompanies this piece.