In My Minds Eye

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In my minds eye, you’ll never grow old for me,

Never grow old for me; never grow old for me,

The day I was blinded, that’s how I remember you,

I hope I’ll never grow too old for you.


Just like any other morning, a day when the sky was blue.

As we travelled off together, another journey, nothing new,

Little did I think, that I would never see another morning, another you.


We’ll the fog it was still clearing,

As around the bend we came,

There was something in the distance,

That my eyes just could not name,

I could see his eyes were staring,

As if frozen in time, he was not to know.

It was a horse you see, coming straight for me,

At the speed of a shooting gun.


Well he died that day,

So did I in a way,

For I’ll never again see the sun,

But I’ll walk on this earth, try to carry some mirth,

And maybe, even have fun.


                             Written By Maurice Lennon

                                                09April 2001



After seeing a documentary about a woman who lost her sight after

Her car crashed into a horse going around a bend in the road on a highway

In which she was travelling, Maurice wrote this piece.