I Cannot Move the Sun

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I Cannot Move The Sun


I cannot move the sun for you,

It's running round in skies of blue,

An orange halo shining through,

Just can't express my love for you.

As often times I walk away,

Beginning of another day

As Robins red breast flies away,

I cannot move the sun today.


To understand the broken heart,

With time and patience, works of art,

When everything just seems so dark

Morning whistles herald the lark

And often times he'll say to you,

Be gracious do what I would do,

Through little eyes of green and blue,

It's often I will be with you.


When blossoms all have gone away

And autumn leaves in bundles lay,

Will nature hold an outstretched hand,

And carry me across to the other land?

To places happy, bright with life,

Where broken circles see no light.

A creeping happiness steals the night,

To herald the dawn, the birth of life.


And though I didn't move the sun,

A smiling face the moon has shone

A whole new world can be as one

A new day dawns, in the world at one.

For be it under a moonlit sky,

Or one where dancing sunrays shine

Where has this life gone of mine?

I cannot move the sun, in time.




Written By Maurice Lennon