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A bit about my family history.


David & Sile .JPG (329349 bytes)David Lennon with his Godmother Sile Lennon


These are two wonderful albums that my brother David Lennon put together to keep the history our paticular type of music. My father, Ben, was taught the fiddle by John Gordon.  It was a pleasure to hear recordings of both Ben and Charlie playing with John as young men.


Within A Mile of Kilty             


Kiltyclogher is a small village in the north of Co. Leitrim.
In and around this village,a unique cluster of fiddlers have emerged over the last 80 years.
This cd represents a collection of recordings by six musicians over the last forty years.
They are John Gordon who died in 2002, Ben Lennon, Charlie Lennon (brother to Ben), Brian Rooney, Séamus Quinn and Maurice Lennon (Stockton's Wing founder).


Within a Mile of Kilty -
Traditional Music from North Leitrim
featuring fiddlers:Ben, Charlie & Maurice Lennon,
Séamus Quinn, Brian Rooney, John Gordon
Ciarán Curran (cittern), Noel O'Grady (bouzouki),
Frank Kilkelly (guitar) and Gabriel McArdle (concertina).

1. Ben Lennon & Seamus Quinn: The Girl Who Broke My Heart / Billy Bocker (reels)
2. Brian Rooney: Rooney's Favourites. (jigs)
3. John Gordon: The Enchanted Lady / The Maids of Castlebar. (reels)
4. Maurice Lennon: The Lark in the Morning. (jig)
5. Seamus Quinn: Morrison's Barndance.
6. Ben Lennon & Seamus Quinn: The Lonesome Jig / The Tenpenny Bit (jigs)
7. Charlie Lennon: The Edenderry / The Flowery Fields of Scotland (reels)
8. Ben Lennon: The Dances at Kinvara. (barndance)
9. Maurice Lennon: Larry Redican's / The Dairy Maid (reels)
10. John Gordon: The Wandering Minstrel / Fasten the Leg in Her / Road to Kesh
11. Ben Lennon: The Sailor's Cravat / Lady Gordon (reels)
12. Seamus Quinn: In Memory of Morrison. (jigs)
13. Brian Rooney: Lad O'Beirne's Hornpipe
14. Charlie Lennon: Up Sligo / The Hearty Boys of Ballymote (jigs)


John Gordon                                                                  

The Humours of Glendart 


Important recording of South Fermanagh fiddler,John Gordon
whose talent was unique and rare.

Ben Lennon & Friends        Ben'scdcover.gif (322455 bytes)

Ben and Charlie Lennon together should be enough to make you listen; add Brian and Maurice Lennon, Garry O' Brian, John Carty, Ciaran Curran, Gabriel McArdle, and Seamus Quinn, and you really sit up and take notice.

"The Natural Bridge" is North Leitrim style at it's best; flowing and unhurried, giving the music elbow-room, yet with a strong assured rhythm. Maybe maturity in traditional music comes when you don't play floridly and fast just because you can? As the title implies, there's feeling for the styles of near neighbours from South Leitrim, Sligo, and Fermanagh. The bridge is also with the past, because Ben pays tribute to the older musicians whose records influenced him; Coleman, John and Mickey Doherty, Killoran, James Morrison, etc. There are also tributes to musicians who are still with us, like Michael McNamara of Aughavas, South Leitrim. McNamara's influence shows through on the reel named for him.

Instrumental balance is varied throughout seventeen tracks of reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas, and a great barndance, as well as two songs from Gabriel McArdle. An inspired idea is Maurice Lennon five viola on three tracks. It fits the music really well; "Rattigan's" and "The Collier's rarely sounded so good. There are rarely-played tunes as well as old favourites; and the best version of "Cathleen Hehir's" yet.


Ben Lennon: fiddle
Brian Lennon, flute
Charlie Lennon: fiddle, piano
Maurice Lennon: fiddle, viola
John Carty: tenor banjo, fiddle
Seamus Quinn: fiddle, piano
Gabriel McArdle: concertina, vocals
Ciaran Curran: bouzouki
Garry O'Briain: guitar, mandocello, piano

1. Polkas: Memories of Ballymote / Gurkin Cross
2. Reels: The Enchanted Lady / The Holy Land
3. The Donegal Mazurkas
4. Reel: The Blackberry Blossom / McFadden's
5. Song: Flora
6. Hornpipes: Maguire's Fiddle / O'Donnell's
7. Reels: Rattigan's / The Collier's
8. Reels: Mick McNamara's / Touch M if You Dare
9. Polkas: Return of Spring / The Mountain Pathway
10. Reels: Johnny Henry's / Ryan's Rant
11. Jig: Cathleen Hehir's
12. Song: Banks of the Clyde
13. Hornpipe: McDermott's
14. Jigs: The Lonesome Jig / Tenpenny Bit
15. Bardance: Batt Henry's
16. Reels: Boys of Ballisodare / The Five Mile Chase
17. Polka: Primrose Polka
18. Reels: Farrell O'Gara / Lucy Campbell's
19. Reel: Flax in Bloom

For Information on The Natural Bridge cic@iol.ie


Dog Big, Dog Little    


   Four musicians from the Fermanagh/Leitrim  Ben Lennon, Seamus Quinn, Gabriel McArdle & Ciaran Curran (Altan)area perform the songs and dance music of their native region. All of the musicians have spent their lives playing this music for their own amusement and for the pleasure of their neighbours.         



Dog Big and Dog Little
Ben Lennon; fiddle
Séamus Quinn; fiddle, accordion & piano
Gabriel McArdle; concertina, song
Ciarán Curran; cittern

1. Jimmy Duffy's Barndances; barndance
2. Lady Mary Montague, The Humours of Westport; reels
3. Willie Rambler; song
4. The Leitrim Slashers, Sally Lennon's Jig; jigs
5. The Mayday Hornpipes; hornpipes
6. Now Westlin Winds; song
7. The Wild Irishman, The First Month of Summer; reels
8. The Pretty Brown-haired Girl , Tay in the Bog; jigs
9. Colonel Frazer, The Sailor's Bonnet; reels
10. Edward of Lough Erne Shore; song
11. The Flowers of Spring, Spillane's Fiddle; hornpipes
12. Pat Reilly; song
13. John Quinn's Favourite, The Steeplechase; reels
14. Mrs Devlin's Polkas; polka


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     The Recently re-released Stocktons Wing Live - Take One.      Wingcd4016.jpg (30508 bytes)

This album will without doubt bring back many memories of their youth, to many now forty something's. The album, which has been digitally remastered for this release, also includes 3 bonus studio recordings of the band from the same period.

O'Brian Clan - The Descendants of Brian Boru    

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