History of Brian Boru and the Clan O'Brien

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    Brian Boru was born somewhere around 941 A.D. He was born Brian Mac Cennedi.  He was the youngest of twelve children of Cennedi, the king of the Dal Cassians and prince of Thormond, and Bebinn, who is said to be decended from the ancient Druid race.  They lived in a place know as Boruma, it was built by the princes of the Dal Caissians atop of the ruins of an old ring fort.   He was killed after the Battle of Clontarf at the age of seventy one.  
    There has been so much already written about Brian and his life that I won't attempt to put it all down again so I included the links below.  These links are deemed to be a historically accurate database for information relating to Brian Boru.

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