Behind Closed Doors

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Behind Closed Doors



The middle sea of life, with its trouble and strife

Can sometimes be too much to bare.

The loneliness of constantly running,

On a road that never seems to be there.

When all around you keep saying its fine,

But nobody understands or cares

When you close that door behind you

Reality is a constant glare.


Your friends they pretend to know you

And tell you that all will be fine

But little do they know, when you close you own door,

What demons are wandering inside?

Hopeless and lost, in a world of Jack Frost

The mind is a dangerous thing,

When you walk the white line, so thin and so fine

Never knowing when you might just fall.


If danger is lurking, be brave and be strong

You must ask for Divine Intervention.

But there's no guarantee, the truth you will see

If that be your honest intention.

Here's a message to all who may stumble or fall

Seek help or some kind deflection

For the dawn of tomorrow you might never see

Leaving loved ones, with the saddest reflection.


Written by Maurice Lennon

15th February 2006


For Mary, Glen & Andrew