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Antonio Breschi (Antonio O'Breskey) (b. 1950): As an outsider to Celtic music, Antonio Breschi has illuminated new pathways in the unfolding story of this music, imagining its meeting place with World Music as early as the mid-1970's. 

    The categories of "World" and "New Age" music did not sxist when Breschi began his trailblazing journey, yet he was first to combine Flamenco, Basque, Arabic, Latin, and Irish elements, his virtuoso jazz-styled piano uniting these tradintions in remarkably original compositions.  In 1984, he presented his fusion of Irish, Flamenco, and jazz styles on Italian television.   His inclusion of a Flamenco dancer in the performance was a flash of brilliance and the first time anyone had explored the compatibility of Irish and Flamenco traditions.

    A native of Florence, Italy Breschi has been playing jazz and classical piano since he was three years old.  He is acclaimed in his Italian homeland and also in Spain, where he traces a Flamenco heritage through his mother. His biggest musical impace, however, has undoubtedly been in Ireland, where he has collaborated wth the legendary singer Ronnie Drew, accordionist Mairtin O'Connor, and many more artists in numerous visits to his adopted home. Pianist Michael O'Sulleabhain has advanced Breschi's use of piano in Irish traditional music, and Bill Whelan developed Breschi's synthesis of Flamenco, jazz and Irish traditional strands as a keystructure in his Irish music and dance spectacular, Riverdance

   The Colours of Music:  25 Years of the Music of Antoni O'Breskey is an overview of a unique anthology titled "The Ethnic Piano collection." It offers music recorded in Ireland, Italy, Spain and the Basque Country between 1975 and 1999, with guest performances by an international retinue, and is the perfect introduction to this innovative artist. A love of Irish music and friendships sparked his whimsical name chang from Antonio Breschi to Antoni O'Breskey in the late 1990's.